about me

I am a full time artist living in the beautiful Lake Chelan valley in Washington State. I have a  background in graphic design, interior design, photography and an education in classical fine art from the KOH Atelier at Gage Academy. My process and paintings are reflections of life, relationships, observations and emotions.

Applying oils, acrylic, encaustic or mixed media the layers are built up and deconstructed, reimagined into complex textures and symbolism. The blurred line between realism and imagination weave in and out taking the viewer on a journey within the narrative.

Working intuitively and falling head long into the process the muse works it’s magic, directing my hand uncovering hidden messages from within and hopefully allowing the viewer to discover messages of their own.

I have included a few samples of my work here and will change them on occasion. I hope you enjoy traveling through my paintings and find messages of your own. Thank you for visiting!

Cheers,  Kate